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A custom built KCN WordPress website can dramatically help you connect to, and build customer relations. (Just like we are with you right now) The website changes it’s layout automatically from device to device. It looks and flows one way when you’re looking at it on a smartphone, and then other ways when on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The website you are on right now is a WordPress site! KCN customizes your site to meet your needs to your customers or clients. With feedback, reviews, blogs and articles, pictures, videos, etc.

The base price of $450.00 down and $45.00 per month offers e-commerce* and a full website* navigation suite including video, pictures, text, and more! You can have an online presence that offers your clients, or customers the ability to schedule, purchase, and maintenance their accounts online. All while having an online space to pull customers from online advertisements like facebook and twitter advertisements.

*Size of website online store inventory and the overall website size is limited. Extra cost may apply depending on how big the site becomes.
*E-commerce credit card processing extra
* Monthly charge offers monthly changes to the site. (Sales, price changes, new items, etc.)